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  How to Activate Your Software without an Internet Connection

You can activate your software manually, in case you do not have an internet connection. If your software has not been activated, the Purchase Reminder window will be displayed every time you run the program. You can complete the registration here or select the “Enter Serial Number” from the Help Menu of the application.

The registration dialog is displayed as below:

DeskShare Activation - Activate Your Application

If you have purchased the program, but do not remember your serial number, log into your account at the DeskShare eStore and click Account.

Complete all four fields on the Activate Your Software screen and click Activate. If you do not have an Internet connection, the Unable to Connect to Activation Server screen appears:

DeskShare Activation - Unable To Connect to Activation Server

Click Activate Manually by entering the activation code. The Activation Code screen is displayed:

DeskShare Activation - Activate Application Manually

To obtain the Activation Code, you must use another computer that has access to the Internet. Save or print the information such as the Serial Number and Machine ID of the PC that is not connected to the internet. The easiest way is to click Copy To Notepad and print the numbers using the Notepad.

Once you have the necessary details, visit http://www.deskshare.com/activate.aspx.

DeskShare Activation - Manual Activation Page

Enter the Serial Number and Machine ID and press Submit. The web page will display an Activation Code.

Enter the Activation Code into the Purchase Reminder window and click Activate. Your software will immediately be activated to the full, registered version. You will have access to all the features of the program and see no more reminder screens in the future.

If the activation fails, please re-check the Serial Number, Machine ID, and Activation Code you entered. Note that, to avoid confusion with numbers like 0 and 2, the letters “O” and “Z” are never used in the Activation Code.

You can confirm, if the program has been registered successfully by clicking Help >> About [program].

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