"Best output quality"
I tested every single screen recording program before making a purchase.  Your program had the best output quality and most unique features.
- Paul M.
"Superior tech support"
...  a large part of my decision to purchase this program was based on the superior tech support I received from one of your employees.  He was exceptionally friendly AND helpful.  I have no doubt that the program will work for me because of his expertise and willingness to help.
- Lynn W.
"Provides the most flexibility and features amongst its competitors"
My Screen Recorder Pro definitely provides the most flexibility and features amongst its competitors.  I'm looking forward to becoming a customer of Deskshare!
- Kenneth S.
I used your software this morning in a presentation I needed to make to a Swedish company.  I recorded the entire presentation with My Screen Recorder Pro.  It worked like a champ.  Very very easy to use.  Flawless.  Created very small files.  I love it!
- Tom G.
My Screen Recorder Pro - Main Screen
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