"Invaluable software"
I run a remote telescope observatory.  Security Monitor Pro has proven to be invaluable for providing security and operational feedback.  Well done!
- Mike C.
"Fabulous software"
I just purchased an 8 camera license.  Wow, I am impressed!  This software is fabulous.  The best feature is the buffer process includes a few seconds of recording BEFORE a triggered event, very useful.
- David W.
"Excellent product"
My small laptop (Asus EEE PC) has a basic CPU and little memory.  Security Monitor Pro works very well, your developers have made an excellent product!  Thank you!
- Antti T.
"Wonderful product"
Guys, first of all I want to thank you for Security Monitor Pro!  I tried many other monitoring programs before I found SMP.  So I know what I am talking about.  It works just fine with all our IP cameras (Trendnet TVip 201, Genius SECURE 300R).  Thanks again for this wonderful product.
- Greg B.
"Best IP camera surveillance program"
This is by far the best IP camera surveillance program.
- Matthew
"Excellent software and service"
Thank you for adding support for my camera!  It finds the camera within one second...  and it streams very nicely.  Once again thank you very much!  I will definitely start spreading the word to my friends about the excellent software and service you provide!
- Niclas L.
The application works flawless...  really impressive :-)
- Liviu B.
"Immensely satisfied"
I installed this software to monitor my apartment while I'm at work.  I like to know when apartment maintenance is going to come in, and this has already caught the guy going into my apartment without even informing me first, and this is during the first day of use!  I am immensely satisfied with this product, and I can't wait to play around with other configuration settings to see just what I can accomplish with it.
- Sean M.
"Caught three alarming incidents"
I have caught three alarming incidents in the parking lot, and footage from two of the incidents have become part of police investigations.  You never know what happens in your neighborhood until you have eyes there 24-7!  The peace of mind that this software provides is irreplaceable.
- Cory W.
"Happy to recommend"
After trying so many different security software's, I found that Security Monitor Pro is the best.  In fact, I have used the trial version for just a couple of hours before purchasing.  I will be recommending your product to everyone!
- Darrell M.
Security Monitor Pro - Main Screen
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