My Screen Recorder Pro 4.15

Split Lengthy Screen Recordings to Manageable Segments

You're creating an ultra cool demo for your web site.  Your screen recording is perfect...  or that's what you thought until your boss wanted you to remove the discussion of one whole feature, and add in a section on the new site map.  With My Screen Recorder Pro you can easily remove the unwanted section and replace it with a new one, without having to recreate the entire recording.  This article will show you how, using the split and join features.

As you probably figured out, split lets you break a recording into pieces, and join lets you combine two or more recordings (or two of the pieces you make with split) into a single movie.  I'll walk through removing an unwanted piece from the demo and replacing it with new material, then combining them to make the finished demo.

I'll start with the splitting process.

This feature is helpful if you have a media file with a long duration and you are only interested in a part of it.  For instance, you may want a particular video or an audio portion from a long recording.  You may also wish to divide the files into smaller parts, either by duration or file size.  With the split tool the output file can be created in WMV, AVI, FLV or MPEG4 formats.

To Split Screen Recordings:

Click on Tools >> Split File.  You can also select the file from the Files List and right click and select Split File... to add the file for splitting.

The split file window is as displayed:

My Screen Recorder Pro - Split File

Creating Splits Manually

Splits can be created manually by using the Mark In and Mark Out options.  To create a split, move the slider to the desired start position and click on Mark In.  Then, move the slider to the desired end position and click on Mark Out.  Once you click on Mark Out, the splitted file will be automatically added to the file list.  You can also preview the Start Frame and End Frame of the selected split in the preview window.  If you think you made a mistake, click Clear to clear the selection.  Repeat this procedure if you want to create more splits of the selected screen recording.

Creating Splits using the Auto Split Option

Auto Split Options have 2 methods for creating splits:

  • To split a file into several files of specific duration, select Split into segments of and specify duration of the split in HH:MM:SS format.  The split duration cannot be greater than the duration of the file.
  • To split a file into specific number of clips, select Split evenly into and specify the number of clips.  The file will be split into segments of equal duration.

Click on Auto Split to add the clips to the split list.  After adding all the desired clips click on Split to create the final splits.

Selecting Output Format and Profile

Select the output file format in which you want to create the splits from the Video Format drop down list.  Select a profile that suits your need.  When you select a profile from the Video Profile list the details of the selected profile are displayed in the Details section.  You can also create your own custom profile by clicking the Custom... button.  If you are creating splits in the WMV format you can provide additional information to your splits called Metadata like Title, Author, Copyright and Description by clicking on Metadata... button.

My Screen Recorder Pro - Split Video Format

Select the dimensions of the output splits from the Dimensions drop down list or you can specify any custom dimensions using the Width and the Height controls.  If the Lock this aspect ratio box is checked the horizontal and vertical sizes will be maintained proportionately when you change the width or height.  Click Next.

Specifying Output Format

Select a folder where you want the resulting splits to be saved from the Folder dropdown list.  You can choose to save the splits at a different location using the New Folder Shortcut link.  My Screen Recorder Pro provides the feature of embedding videos in html pages when the selected output format is FLV.

Click Next to start creating the splits.  Click Finish after the process is complete.

Creating a Single File using Splits

This feature is useful when you want to edit your screen recording to eliminate unwanted portions and recreate the video.  To achieve this you can create splits of the desired portions of your screen recording and click on Create a single file.  You can also change the order in which the splits should be merged by using Move Up and Move Down.

Select the output format of the merged file and click Next.  Enter a name for the output file and select a folder to save the file in.  Click Next to create the merged file from the selected splits.

To know about, how to join your screen recordings in My Screen Recorder Pro, please refer to our next articles Splicing Screen Recordings.


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