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Auto FTP Manager 7.24

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Auto FTP Manager?

Auto FTP Manager is the ultimate FTP tool designed for webmasters and anyone who needs to automate the file transfer process.  Auto FTP Manager can connect to any FTP server and automatically upload/download, delete and rename files, or synchronize two directories.  You can schedule any file transfer task to happen automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

What are action rules?

Action rules are file transfer tasks that are performed automatically, whenever an Automated Transfer Profile is started.  An Action Rule tells Auto FTP Manager what to do: upload or download files and folders, or synchronize directories.  Each profile has its own set of Action Rules.  Automated transfers can be either started manually, or run automatically on a schedule.

What are profiles?

A profile describes a connection between your computer and a remote system.  All profiles contain a Source Folder and Destination Folder.  Automated Transfer Profiles also contain Action Rules, Filters, and other descriptions of what actions to take after connecting to the remote system.


I do not want all files to be transferred.  Can I choose the type of files to be affected by an automated transfer?

While creating an Automated Transfer Profile, you can choose files or folders to be included.  You can also specify Filters, limiting the transfer by including or excluding certain file types, or limiting by file modification date, name, or size.  The New Profile Wizard guides you through the entire process.  You can change these settings at any time by editing the Automated Transfer Profile.

What FTP modes does Auto FTP Manager support?

Auto FTP Manager supports Auto, ASCII and BINARY data transfer modes.  If you select the Auto mode then Auto FTP Manager will use binary mode to communicate with MS Windows servers and ASCII mode for Non-Windows servers.

What tasks can Auto FTP Manager schedule?

Auto FTP Manager can schedule any Automated Transfer Profile, including Recorded Profiles.  When you schedule a profile, you can choose an interval of once, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  You can also specify an exact time for these tasks to happen.  If you have registered Auto FTP Manager, you can schedule any or all Automated Transfer Profiles.  The evaluation version limits you to one schedule at a time.

What is a difference between a Quick Connect and Automated Transfer Profile?

A Quick Connect Profile contains FTP log in information, allowing you to quickly connect to an FTP server and manually perform all FTP functions using a Windows File Manager-like interface.  Automated Transfer Profiles include the FTP connection information, plus your Action Rules.  This profile is designed to be run automatically, either started manually or scheduled to run at a specific time.

How can I move Auto FTP Manager from one computer to another without retyping all the information in all my profiles?

Before removing Auto FTP Manager from the first computer, Export the profiles that you will be using on the new computer.  The exported profiles will be in a folder.  Copy this folder to the new computer, using a removable drive or network.  Deactivate Auto FTP Manager on the first computer, then install and activate it on the second.  Now Import the profiles on the new computer.  After this, all the profiles you exported, including their schedules, will be available on the new computer and ready to use.

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