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Auto FTP Manager 7.24

Auto FTP Manager: Run this Automated Profile (Options)

Run this Automated Profile (Options)

  1. Once:  If you choose to perform the task Once, you will also need to select the date on which you would like it to run.
  2. Daily: If you choose to perform the task Daily, you will be asked to select the interval between job in number of days, for instance Every day, or Every 2 days.
  3. Weekly: If you choose to perform the task Weekly, you must select which day or days of the week you would like this action to be taken.  For instance, you can select Monday, or Saturday and Sunday.  You can select any number of days from 1 to 7.  You must select at least one day of the week.
  4. Monthly: If you choose to perform the task Monthly, you must select one day and 1-12 months on which the task will be performed.  For instance, if you choose "21" and January, March, May, July, September, and November, the profile will be run on January 21, March 21, and so on.  To select multiple days of each month, create multiple Scheduled Transfers.
  5. Custom Intervals: If you choose to perform the task with Custom Intervals, you can schedule the job to run at any interval you choose, specified in minutes or hours.  For instance, you can run the Scheduled Transfer every hour, or every 90 minutes, or every six hours.  We do not recommend intervals shorter than every five minutes.
  6. On Start Up: If you choose to perform the task On Start Up, the Scheduled Transfer will run once when the program is started.  (You can schedule the same Automated Transfer Profile again, to have the transfer repeated at intervals.)

Start Time: For all Scheduled Transfers except On Start Up, you select a Start Time.  For Once, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly transfers this is the time that the transfer will start.  For Custom Intervals, the transfer will start then, and all future transfers will use this start time as a reference.  For instance, if you chose "Every two hours" with a Start Time of 2:00 am, transfers will happen at 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, and so on. The default start time is current time plus 5 minutes.

The Schedule uses the computer's local time.

You can choose to Enable or Disable a schedule by checking/unchecking the option Enable Schedule on the Profile Scheduler page.

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Copyright © DeskShare Incorporated.  All rights reserved.