2.Understanding User Interface
3.Using Dictation Pro
4.Start Dictation and Voice commands
6.Keyboard Shortcuts
7.Troubleshooting tips

Dictation Pro 1.08

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the keyboard shortcuts for editing and formatting your documents.  Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to interact with Dictation Pro, saving your time and effort.  Following table shows the list of keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcut


Ctrl + Shift + > To increase the font size
Ctrl + Shift + < To decrease the font size
Ctrl + S To save the changes in the document
Ctrl + B

To make the text bold

Ctrl + I To make the text Italic
Ctrl + U To underline the text
Ctrl + F To search a word / phrase
Ctrl + A To select the entire document
Ctrl + C To copy the selected text
Ctrl + X To cut the selected text
Ctrl + V To paste the cut or copied text
Ctrl + Enter To insert a page break
Ctrl + Delete To delete a word after the current position of the cursor
Ctrl + K To insert a hyperlink
Alt + Shift + F To insert a long date
Alt + Shift + D To insert a short date
Alt + Shift + T To insert short time
F7 Opens Spelling dialog for spell check

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