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2.Understanding User Interface
3.FTP Connection Profile
4.File Manager
5.General Settings
6.Proxy Settings
7.Import Profiles
8.Export Profiles
9.SSL Certificate
10.Learn About FTP
11.Active and Passive Connection Mode

FTP Manager Lite 2.54

Welcome to FTP Manager Lite

FTP Manager Lite provides you a fast and secure way to transfer and share your files.  This free FTP client allows you to move data from your PC to FTP, PC to Mobile or between PC's and servers.  Your data is secure with support for FTPS (FTP over SSL), automatic network reconnection, automatic transfer resume, efficient use of multiple connections and more.  FTP Manager Lite's slick and intuitive interface makes data transfer easy.  Configuration of a new connection is a simple process with the connection wizard.  Once your connection is created, open the connection in the File Manager and you are ready to start moving files.

Getting Started:

Easy and Managed User Interface

  • Simple and easily managed User Interface.
  • Manage multiple connections using Tab styled interface. 

Supported Protocols

  • Supports FTP and FTPS [FTP-SSL] for transferring data. 
  • To know more about protocol, refer learn about FTP.

Connection options

  • Separate Connection Profiles to manage transfers between different servers. 
  • Auto reconnect to servers in case of network failure. 
  • Easy to backup and restore your connection profiles using Export and Import wizard.

Transfer Options

  • Select files and folders and add it in Transfer Queue to transfer in future. 
  • Drag Drop files and folders for quick transfers. 

File Manager

  • Explorer style File Manager to manage listing of files and folders. 
  • Supports basic File Editing options like cut, copy, rename, paste. 
  • Supports Folder Navigation to navigate using mouse, keyboard or toolbar options. 

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