2.Understanding User Interface
3.Recording your PC Screen
4.Screen Recording Options
5.Automate your Recordings
6.Video Tools
7.Uploading and Distributing
Creating Video Executable
Upload Media Files
Automatic Uploading of Media Files
8.Custom File Format
9.Application Settings
10.Helpful Tips

My Screen Recorder Pro 5.32

Uploading and Distributing Screen Recordings

The topics discussed in this section are:

Upload the Media Files

A unique feature has been provided to upload your screen recordings on the web.  You can play the media files on a streaming server like Video Desk and present to large audiences over the internet.  You can also automatically upload your screen recordings to the FTP server.

Generate a Video Executable

A video executable can be created that helps you to package your screen recordings for easy distribution.  The self playing video executables are excellent for demo distribution on CD or DVD.

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