2.Understanding the User Interface
3.Using Security Monitor Pro
4.Triggering Alerts
5.Choose Actions
6.Remote Monitoring
7.Remote Access
9.View Recorded Events
10.System Maintenance
11.Application Settings
12.Proxy Server Settings
13.View my Computer IP Address

Security Monitor Pro 6.22

Remote Access

Now you can access Security Monitor Pro from anywhere.  Watch a live preview of your cameras, and view recordings and camera event logs from a web browser on your local area network.  You can also securely access Security Monitor Pro using an Android device from outside your local area network.

Actions such as monitoring, video recording, capture photo can be controlled remotely from your Android mobile device.  Download Android mobile application IP Camera Monitor from the Google Play store. 

To configure Remote Access settings, click Tools >> Remote Access.

Enable the selected options and click 'OK' to allow remote viewing of cameras added in Security Monitor Pro with access to media files and event logs.

Remote Access Options

Enable web browser access within local network: Watch any camera in Security Monitor Pro live from a PC within your local area network.  This helps you monitor your cameras when you are not physically present in front of the security surveillance system.

Once you enable the access, note down the URL and enter it directly into the web browser.

Enable Android mobile app access: View and control all the cameras present in Security Monitor Pro from an Android mobile device.  This allows you to monitor your home and office even when you are away.  Make sure you are connected to the internet to control your cameras from an Android device.

You can configure actions such as monitoring, video recording and capture photo.  These actions can be controlled from your mobile device remotely for the cameras added in Security Monitor Pro. 

Once you enable this option, note down the ID and password to establish a remote connection from your Android mobile device.  Download IP Camera Monitor from Google Play Store and enter the login details in the application. 

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