1.Introduction to Text Speaker
2.Understanding User Interface
3.Working With Text Speaker
4.Application Settings
5.Troubleshooting Speaking or Converting Documents
6.Keyboard Shortcuts

Text Speaker 3.32

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcut keys to quickly perform and access different functionality provided in Text Speaker.

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Open a file
Save the current file
Speak the currently selected file from the beginning
Convert the currently selected file into an audio file
Speak the text starting from the cursor position
Speak selected text
Pause Speaking
Talking Reminders
Full Screen

Hotkeys for Speak It Now

These shortcuts work in any program, as long as Text Speaker is running.

NOTE: All of the Speak It Now hotkeys can be changed by clicking Tools >> Settings >> Keyboard Hotkey.

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Read selected text
Pause / Resume speaking
Stop speaking

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