My Screen Recorder Pro 5.32

Command Line Parameters to Control Screen and Audio Recordings

My Screen Recorder Pro supports command-line parameters.  This opens a range of possibilities by letting you control screen recordings from other applications or a different computer within the same network.  Command-line parameters provide a way to pass a set of arguments into a program.  These arguments could be the names to be given to files, commands like start recording, pause, or stop recording, or instructions like remain hidden.  You can write programs that automatically trigger and stop screen recordings at a certain time or when a specific event takes place.  Basic operations like starting, pausing, resuming and stopping recording can be performed by giving simple one-line commands.

If you need to control screen or audio recordings from your application, you can use command-line parameters.  Some of the ways to use command-line parameters are listed below.

  • In any business organization there could be certain sensitive or valuable information that needs to be monitored.  You can use command-line parameters to start screen recording as soon as someone tries to access confidential data of an application.  My Screen Recorder Pro can even help you track the history of the changes made and data entered and deleted in your software application.  This helps determine how and why mistakes were made so that you can fix responsibilities and make corrections.
  • My Screen Recorder Pro can be used to make screen recordings while software products are being tested.  A program written using command-line parameters can begin as soon as a user opens the application and begins working.  You can refer to the screen recording to know exactly how users are working, the steps and methods they use, the difficulties they face and detect a bug (if any).  Based on this information, you can improve the software based on users’ requirements.
  • You can record the screens of any or all of the PCs in a network.  Using command-line parameters, you can start and stop screen recordings from the server itself, without visibly launching My Screen Recorder Pro on every computer.  This is helpful in cases where you want to discreetly monitor or maintain a record of the activities of several people at the same time.

The syntax for some command-line parameters:

Start Recording: “My Screen Recorder Pro.exe” -r starts recording using previously saved settings.

Stop Recording: "My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -s stops recording.  It is ignored if recording is not in progress.

Pause Recording: “My Screen Recorder Pro.exe” -p command is used to pause the recording.

Recording a Region: Use the "My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" - r -rgn <left> <top> <width> <height> command to record a rectangular area of the screen.  The four values must be given in pixels.

Specify Recording Duration: “My Screen Recorder Pro.exe” -r -d <hh:mm:ss> command records for the specified hours (hh), minutes (mm) and seconds

Specify Filename: You can specify a name and location where the screen recording would be saved using the “My Screen Recorder Pro.exe” -r -f <filename> command.  The filename should contain the entire path along with the name of the file.  For example: My Screen Recorder Pro.exe -f "c:\Documents And Settings\name\My Documents\My Recordings\Recordings1.wmv"

Specify the profile to use while recording: You can specify a WMV profile that can be used while recording.  Use "My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" - r -l <profile index> to record using a specific profileThe profile index is the position of the profile in the available Video Profiles list dropdown in the Settings tab starting from 1.  For example to use the profile "WMV Motion and Music (Medium Resolution)" while recording use the following command: "My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -r -l 3.  The recorded video holds all the properties specified in the profile.

My Screen Recorder Pro supports command-line parameters.  This allows you to customize its behavior to suit your unique requirements.  They let you control and automate screen recordings, and run My Screen Recorder Pro from other applications and computers.

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