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Disabled user here - are Dictation Pro files compatible with Open Office?
Posted : Friday, October 21, 2011 3:00:08 AM(UTC)
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I found your software while searching online. It looks like it is exactly what I'm looking for. My hands are getting pretty bad and I can hardly type or write anymore. Right now I just have the standard microphone that comes with most computers. My OS is Windows 7 I did find that I needed these in my computer in order to run the program. Microsoft’s Speech Application Program Interface (SAPI) and .NET framework are both required. I looked up the SAPI on Ms website. Can't tell from the info there if it is already in my computer. Windows 7 came loaded with my computer and of course I did not get a disk with my new computer.

And it is my understanding that the program is free? Is that right?

If you could please let me know how to check for the SAPI and I believe .net framework is installed. Also I use Open Office instead of MS Word, is it compatable with that program?
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Posted : Friday, October 28, 2011 9:46:03 AM(UTC)
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Windows 7 should already have SAPI and the .Net framework installed.

You can download and install Dictation Pro from this link:

Dictation Pro has a built in editor, it can open and save in a format compatible with both Open Office and Microsoft Word. Using a good quality microphone will greatly help with accurate recognition.

Yes, the software is free. I hope it helps you with your communications.
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