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Record the last 5 minutes of my screen
Posted : Wednesday, May 3, 2017 9:42:47 PM(UTC)
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There is an intermittent problem with my sister's PC. I would like to be able to capture the last actions performed by her before the problem occurs. It would be perfect if there was a 5 minute recording buffer of the screen and when something strange happens my sister can automatically save that 5 minute buffer to a video. Then I can view it later and see exactly what was done before the problem pops up. If I can get a few recordings I might be able to find a pattern of what she might be doing to cause the problem. Can your software help me?
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Posted : Thursday, May 4, 2017 2:17:14 AM(UTC)
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You can configure My Screen Recorder to save only the last few minutes of screen recording.

Open My Screen Recorder and click on the Settings icon from the tool bar. On the 'Recording Options' tab, check the 'Timed Recording Options' and set 'Save the last N minutes of recordings' option to 5 minutes. Click OK to save the settings. You can change the number of minutes to a different value if find you need a longer recording.


Now when you create screen recordings, only the last 5 minutes of the recording will be saved. I hope this helps solve the issue on your sister's computer.
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