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Using Command lines to start recordings
Posted : Tuesday, August 10, 2004 1:49:54 PM(UTC)
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I need to start several recordings on multiple PC's simultaneously.
Can I provide any command line arguments to cause My Recorder to start recording immediately? Can I send the start request over the Ethernet to the machines to start "My Screen Recorder" when requested?
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Posted : Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:08:29 AM(UTC)
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My Screen Recorder Pro supports command line parameters. The syntax for invoking My Screen Recorder Pro with command line parameters and start the recording immediately is:
"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" /r

To specify the duration of the recording, you will need to specify `/d' as the command line parameter along with the duration in hh:mm:ss format. The syntax for specifying duration will be:
"My Screen Recorder Pro" /r /d 00:10:30

If you want to stop the recording using command line parameters, then you need to specify `/s' as the command line parameter. The syntax to stop the recording will be
"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" /s

You can also specify the filename for the screen recording using command line parameter `/f'. The syntax to specify the filename will be
"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" /r /f [filename]

To download the latest version of My Screen Recorder Pro, please visit:

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