2.Understanding User Interface
3.Using Auto FTP Manager
Create or Edit Connection Profile
SFTP Settings
Automated Profile
Automated Transfer Rules
Rename Rules
Delete Options
Connection-Profile Information
Add Filters
Scheduled Profiles
Import Profiles
Export Profiles
Command Line Interface
4.Application Settings
5.Active and Passive Connection Mode
7.SSL Certificate
8.FTP Return Codes

Auto FTP Manager 7.24

Command Line Interface

The command-line interface lets you add Automated Transfers to scripts, or use the Windows Scheduler to schedule transfers. 

Automated Transfer Profiles can be started from the Windows command line.  The syntax is as follows:

        "Auto FTP Manager.exe" <name-of-profile>

When this command is given, Auto FTP Manager will load in the background, .execute the named profile, and exit.  While the profile is being executed, status messages of the profile are shown in the command prompt.  The program's graphical window will not open.

Note: If a profile name contain spaces in it, use quotation marks around it.  E.g.: If your profile name is My Office, use following command:

        "Auto FTP Manager.exe" "My Office"

Note that if the Auto FTP Manager program directory is not in the default path location, you will need to type the entire path to the program.

Default Path location= C:\Program Files (x86)\Deskshare\ Auto FTP Manager 6\ Auto FTP Manager.exe

E.g.: If you have installed Auto FTP Manager on "D:\Software" folder location, then use following command:

        "D:\Software\ Auto FTP Manager.exe" "My Office"

Since the path and file name contain spaces, the quotation marks around them are required.


1.  Help"Auto FTP Manager.exe" -help

    Help will list all the commands along with a brief description and an example.

2.  List"Auto FTP Manager.exe" -list

    List would display all the Automated Transfer Profiles.

Command-line use is not practical with the trial version of Auto FTP Manager, because the transfer will not take place until a user closes the Purchase Reminder window.

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