Whats new?
2.Understanding User Interface
3.FTP Connection Profile
4.File Manager
5.General Settings
6.Proxy Settings
7.Import Profiles
8.Export Profiles
9.SSL Certificate
10.Learn About FTP
11.Active and Passive Connection Mode

FTP Manager Lite 2.54

What's New in FTP Manager Lite?

Version 2.3

  • Multi-language interface: The application interface can now be displayed in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. 
  • Easily choose your Home Folder: Select a Home Folder directly from File manager using right click. 

Version 2.2

Version 2.1

  • UTF-8 Support: File and Folder names with UTF-8 characters can now be viewed and transferred. 
  • Improved Log Messages: Clear and easy to understand message log content. 
  • Drag and Drop files to a folder shortcut: You can now transfer files to the folder shortcut present on your local or Network drive. 
  • Support for Zip folders: Transfer files directly into a Compressed Zip folder. 
  • Enhanced Tab Control: Perform quick operations such as Close tab, Edit Profile and view Profile Information from the tab control context menu.

Version 2.0

  • Windows 10 compatibility: FTP Manager Lite fully supports Windows 10 in 32 bit and 64 bit versions. 
  • Test FTP Connection helper: You know the username and password but still having difficulty in connecting to the FTP account.  Use our new Test FTP Connection helper to test the connection and automatically discover the correct FTP settings.
  • Connect with Proxy Servers: Does your network have a proxy server?  Now you can use SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP or FTP proxy connections.
  • Cut-Paste files from desktop to FTP server: Easily move your files from any PC location and paste directly to a FTP folder cut-paste operation. 
  • Quick Connect using URL: Found a FTP URL on a website?  Just copy it and let FTP Manager Lite automatically discover and configure the FTP settings. 
  • Auto Keep Alive option: Stay connected to FTP servers even when you are not transferring the files.  Application sends a command at random intervals to the FTP server, maintaining an active connection. 
  • Transfer Status bar: View the current status of transfer process such as total number of files present and maximum transfer channels available. 
  • Open and Edit Remote files: Use any application such as WORD, EXCEL to directly modify the files present on FTP location. 

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