2.Understanding User Interface
Menu Bar and Toolbar
Camera Layout
Camera Controls
3.Using IP Camera Viewer
4.System Maintenance

IP Camera Viewer 4.12

Understanding the User Interface

The application interface is user-friendly and provides quick access to all the important functions.

Menu Bar

All the application features of IP Camera Viewer can be accessed from the Menu Bar.


The Toolbar displays the most often-used features.

Camera Preview Window

Each camera is added in a seperate preview window.  You can select a Camera by clicking on this preview window.  Selected camera is shown with an orange border around the preview window.  To change the number of cameras displayed, click View >> Camera Layout.

Camera Controls

You can access and control the camera preview using PTZ.  When you right click on the camera window, a context menu appears.  Adjust the view of your camera using PTZ control.  Single clicking on a camera preview window will show or hide the PTZ control.

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