2.Understanding User Interface
3.Using IP Camera Viewer
Add or Edit an IP Camera
Add or Edit a Webcam
Manage Cameras
Change Camera Properties
Detach or Attach Camera
4.System Maintenance

IP Camera Viewer 4.12

Using IP Camera Viewer

This section explains how to perform basic operations like adding or editing a camera.

  • Adding a Camera: The first step to setup your video security system is to add your camera.  IP Camera Viewer allows you to work with both IP Cameras and Webcams.  There are a few ways to add a camera:
    • On Toolbar, click on Add Camera icon. 
    • From Camera Menu, click on Add Camera. 
    • On Manage Cameras, click Add Camera
    • Use shortcut key Ctrl + N
  • Editing Camera: To update the camera settings, select Edit Camera.  For IP Camera, refer: Edit IP Camera page.  For Webcam, refer: Edit Webcam page.  Here are the different ways to edit a camera:
  • Manage Cameras: A control that allows you to view camera status and perform basic tasks such as Add, Edit or Remove cameras.  Use shortcut key Ctrl + G
  • Change Camera Properties: Adjust your Camera's image, video or audio properties. 

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