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On License Plate Detection
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Security Monitor Pro 6.22

Triggering an Alert when License Plate is Detected

The License Plate Detector allows Security Monitor Pro to easily detect and recognize vehicle license plate numbers.  License Plate Detector is an add-on to Security Monitor Pro and requires a purchase.  There is a 7 day free trial available for License Plate Detector.  You can activate License Plate Detector from Security Monitor Pro Help Menu >> Buy add-ons

The License Plate Detector stores the detected license plate numbers in a CSV file with detailed information such as date, time, country and accuracy information.  You can use it to monitor places such as parking areas, gated entrances of homes, offices and more.  You will be able to monitor any suspicious activity using simple database searches.

License Plate Detection system adds a significant value by triggering actions, raising audio alerts, event loggings and more.  The alerts can be generated for all or only for specific license plate numbers. 

To trigger an alert when a license plate is detected, click Camera >> Manage Cameras >> Edit Camera >> Actions and select the option When license plate is detected.

Configure License Plate Detection Settings

Setup a surveillance system for detecting vehicle license plate numbers.  Select a region on the camera preview where vehicle license plates are most likely to appear. 



Currently, License Plate Detector supports more than 65 countries.  Optionally you can select neighboring countries in order to detect license plates from nearby countries.  Once you select the countries, the License Plate Detector will detect license plates for the selected countries. 

Trigger actions for:

You can setup license plate detection system to trigger actions for all or only specific plate numbers.  The alerts will be generated on detection of license numbers as per the selection from the following dropdown:

Select Show detection area on camera preview option to see the region selected for license plate detection on the camera preview. 

License List

License List contains a list of license plate numbers for which you can choose to trigger the actions.  If you already have a list of license plate numbers in the form of text or CSV file then Browse it and Import the data.  You can choose to import data from a specific column by selecting the column name from Import data from column dropdown. 

Skip the first row from importing option removes the column header and list out the remaining data in the License List.  You can also manually enter license plate numbers in the license list one per line. 

When license plate is detected

When Show license plate border color option is selected, the license plate number will be highlighted in specified color in camera preview, Video Recordings and Photos.  You can highlight number in 3 different colors i.e.  Green, Blue and Red. 

Use Overlay the detected license number to easily see the detected license plate number.  You can select Overlay the accuracy level option to see the predicted correctness of the detected license plate number. 

Use Save the detected license plate number in CSV file option to store all the detected license plate numbers with Date, Time, Country and Accuracy information.

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