2.Understanding the User Interface
3.Using Security Monitor Pro
4.Triggering Alerts
5.Choose Actions
6.Remote Monitoring
Live Broadcasting
Configure Broadcasting
Select a Broadcasting Profile
View Broadcasting Status
FTP Upload
Create And Edit FTP Profile
View Upload Status
7.Remote Access
9.View Recorded Events
10.System Maintenance
11.Application Settings
12.Proxy Server Settings
13.View my Computer IP Address

Security Monitor Pro 6.1

Live Broadcasting

In live broadcasting, Security Monitor Pro transmits a live stream of the video from your camera over the Internet.  You can monitor the camera live, if you have a good Internet bandwidth.

You will need a static IP address for the PC where the camera is connected.  An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique number assigned to each computer in a network.  A static IP address does not change.  In contrast, a dynamic IP address can change frequently.  A dynamic IP address may work temporarily for broadcasting, but when it changes the broadcast will no longer be available.

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