2.Understanding the User Interface
3.Using WebCam Monitor
4.Perform Actions
6.Remote Monitoring
8.View Recorded Events
9.Application Settings
General Settings
Video and Photo Settings
Event Logging Settings
Security Settings
Advanced Settings
10.Configuring the Proxy Server
11.Getting the IP Address of Your Computer

WebCam Monitor 6.28

Configuring the Advanced Settings

To configure the advanced settings, click File >> Settings >> Advanced.

Many computers are set to automatically go into a suspended mode or turn themselves off, if they are left idle for a certain amount of time.  When the computer is controlling a surveillance system this is usually undesirable.  So, enable the option Disable low power schemes while WebCam Monitor is running.

In addition to these low power schemes, you can choose to disable the screensaver so that you are not interrupted when you are watching the camera previews.

Temporary Working Directory

To change the path where the temporary files will be saved, click the Browse button.

Information Messages

If you wish to reactivate the messages, click the Reset Messages button.

Note: This button will be available, if you have checked the Don't show this message again dialog earlier.

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