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My Screen Recorder Pro 5.32

Creating WMA Custom Profile

When you create a custom profile, you can select the audio codec.

Click Tools >> Audio Recorder >> Select the Audio Recording Device >> Windows Media Audio (WMA) >> Custom.

  • Audio Codec: Windows Media Audio Voice 9 audio compressor produces significantly smaller files, but it is not a good choice for compressing any type of audio, except the human voice.  For the best possible quality, and for recording music, select Windows Media Audio 9.2
  • Format: The higher the audio format settings, the better the audio quality.  Generally, when using the Voice compressor, the recorded voice is understandable at settings as low as 5 kbps and can sound good at 12 kbps.  To record using the Windows Media Audio 9.2 compressor, you must set to least 24 kbps, and to record music, 48 kbps.  You can experiment to determine the lowest value that produces acceptable quality. 

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