1. Protect Your Data by Creating Backups on a DVD
  2. How to Create and Burn ISO Images
  3. DVD Quality, Compression, Capacity, and Media types

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DVD Author Plus 3.18

DVD Quality, Compression, Capacity, and Media types

Digital Media Converter - VCD, SVCD and DVDDVDs are popular media for video content distribution.  DVD Author Plus allows you to backup your valuable data by burning, copying or creating ISO images.  Burn and copy your videos, audio files, pictures, documents to DVD and stop worrying about the loss of important data.

DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc.  You need to understand different DVD media types before creating a DVD.

DVD+R and DVD-R are Recordable and write-once format.  Once recorded they cannot be edited, erased or changed for the rest of its digital life.  These disks are compatible with all DVD players, even older ones.  DVD+RW and DVD-RW are Rewritable DVD formats.  Data on these disks can be erased and recorded many times without damaging the medium.

DVDs have a fixed pre-defined dimension.  If you play them on your PC, they may seem to be distorted or stretched.  However, the video should look fine on your DVD player.  If you intend to burn your videos to DVD disc, the dimensions should be compliant with the dimensions listed in the table below.  This is usually handled by the DVD burning software's.

Understanding DVD media can be puzzling at times.  There are four common DVD types based on file size:

DVD 5:- also called a Single Sided Single layered, with a capacity of ~4.7 GB.
DVD 10:- also called a Double Sided Single layered, with a capacity of ~8.75GB.
DVD 9:- also called a Single Sided Dual layered, with a capacity of ~7.95GB.
DVD 18:- also called a Double Sided Dual layered, with a capacity of ~17.95GB.


Format DVD 5 DVD 9 DVD 10 DVD 18
Resolution NTSC 720x480 720x480 720x480 720x480
PAL 720x576 720x576 720x576 720x576
Maximum Storage Capacity 4.7 GB 7.95 GB 8.75 GB 17 GB
Recording Time 100-135 minutes 20-240 minutes 200-270 minutes 240-480 minutes
Video Compression MPEG-2 MPEG-2 MPEG-2 MPEG-2
Quality Good Better Very Good Quality Excellent

Creating a DVD video with DVD Author Plus is a simple three-step process.  Organize the videos, select the format plus quality of DVD and burn it.

DVD Author Plus Burn Process

Go ahead and try DVD Author Plus for creating Professional DVDs.

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