1.Introduction to Text Speaker
2.Understanding User Interface
3.Working With Text Speaker
Text to Speech
Converting Text to Audio
Changing the Voice
Adjusting Volume, Speed, and Pitch
Insert Pitch Change
Adjusting Pronunciation
Create Audio Outline
Add Bookmarks
Talking Reminders
Insert Pause
4.Application Settings
5.Troubleshooting Speaking or Converting Documents
6.Keyboard Shortcuts

Text Speaker 3.32

Set Bookmarks

When reading long articles, you can easily return to the point where you left.  Text Speaker allows you to set bookmarks within the document for easy reference.  For instance, suppose you are using Text Speaker to convert the schedule for your movie theater to an audio file to use on your telephone answering system.  You need to leave the introductory material ("This is the Midtown Cinema ...") and the end of the message ("If you need any additional information or help, call 555-555-1212 ...") unchanged, but change the movie and time for each screen.  In this case, you want to immediately move to the section of the script for the correct screen.

Go to the desired position in the document and click Edit >> Add Bookmark.  Give a name to the bookmark.

You can add multiple bookmarks to your document and return to it at any time.  Click Edit >> Go to Bookmark and choose a bookmark from the dropdown.

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