1.Introduction to Text Speaker
2.Understanding User Interface
3.Working With Text Speaker
Text to Speech
Converting Text to Audio
Changing the Voice
Adjusting Volume, Speed, and Pitch
Insert Pitch Change
Adjusting Pronunciation
Create Audio Outline
Add Bookmarks
Talking Reminders
Insert Pause
4.Application Settings
5.Troubleshooting Speaking or Converting Documents
6.Keyboard Shortcuts

Text Speaker 3.32

Talking Reminders

To avoid missing important appointments, you can set audio alarms with Talking Reminders.  Once scheduled, this reminder is heard even if Text Speaker is not running.

A list of reminders that you have already set appears when you click Tools >> Talking Reminders.

Reminder Window

To schedule a new reminder, click Create.

Reminder Details

Set the date and time for the reminder to appear.  It has to contain some message to announce you of the important events.

There are some in-built messages such as the current date and time, birthday, new year, anniversary etc.  You can type your own message which appears at the time of the alarm.  In addition, you can browse for a text document that can be read aloud as a reminder.

You can choose the message to repeat at regular intervals.  For instance, if you have a staff meeting every Monday, choose Repeat every 7 days.

Choose a voice to read aloud the reminder and test how it sounds.

An audio-visual reminder appears at the bottom-right of your screen displaying your message.

Visual Reminder

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