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Digital Media Converter 4.2

CD Ripping

Convert the sound recorded on audio CDs into digital files.  Rip your audio CDs to MP3 files and many more formats such as WMA, WAV, etc.

Click Tools >> Rip Audio CD.

Select the drive that contains the disc you wish to rip and click OK.  If the selected drive contains Audio CD, then Digital Media Converter will begin the CD ripping process.

CD Ripping

Configure Rip Settings

Your audio CD is by default converted to MP3 files.  You can change the format from the Convert ripped files to dropdown.  With the Settings button, you can adjust the audio properties such as the frequency, bitrate, audio channel, etc.

Instead of choosing a format from the dropdown, you can select the option Rip audio tracks to Lossless WAV file format.  The lossless audio files are great for archiving your music and also as an input file for Audio Editing applications.  The music in the converted WAV files is exactly same as that on the audio CD.

To avoid ejecting the CD when conversion is in progress, the option Lock CD when ripping is enabled.  If you want to rip several CDs in succession, you can enable the option Eject CD when ripping is done.

File Naming Method

Use File Name Format to choose how you want to name the audio files created.  The default setting is suitable —most personal audio players list songs by their title and not the filename.

By default, all the tracks are selected.  You can select those tracks which needs to be ripped.  To listen a audio track, use the CD playback control.  This will help you decide which tracks to rip, especially for CDs whose information is not found online.

If digital CD playback has been disabled, this following message is displayed (message is visible in Windows 2000/XP):

Digital Media Converter automatically re-enables digital playback.  But you will need to restart the computer for the change to take effect and Digital Media Converter to preview tracks from audio CDs.

View or Edit Album Information

To get the CD information, Digital Media Converter Pro contacts a database over the Internet and find information like album title, song title, artist name, Genre, Year and its Album Art if available.  This may be helpful to select tracks from the list.  If no CDDB (Compact Disc Database) is found online then tracks are labeled as "Track 01", "Track 02" and so on.

For MP3, M4A, WMA and OGG output format, the album information is stored in the output file as metadata (ID3 Tags).  However, you can edit this information and add your own tags by changing the Album Art, Title, Artist, Genre, and Release year.

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