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Digital Media Converter 4.2

What's New in Digital Media Converter?

Version 4.1

  • Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatibility: Digital Media Converter fully supports Windows 8 and Windows 10 in 32 bit and 64 bit versions. 

Version 4.0

  • Optimized Video Parameter Settings: The new intellisense technology automatically selects the correct video and audio properties (bitrate, frame rate, dimension) to produce the very best output quality. 
  • New Conversion Engine: Our new conversion engine is faster and more reliable. 
  • New Input Format Support: WMV HD videos and ASF audio files can be converted to different formats. 
  • Improved Status Messages: More detailed conversion information to give a clear understanding of the conversion progress. 

Version 3.1

  • Custom WMV Settings: Have full control of Frame Rate, Bit Rate, Video Dimension and Audio Settings for Windows Media Formats. 
  • DVF and MSV Format Support: Convert Sony's proprietary voice format files. 

Version 3.0

  • New Supported Formats: FLV, M4A, RA, Ogg Vorbis, AMR, OGM and 3GP formats. 
  • Enhanced Media File Repair: Fix damaged AVI, MPEG, MOV and many other file formats. 
  • New User Interface: Redesigned UI allows you to easily select output settings for video and audio formats. 
  • Faster Conversions: Increased conversion speed that takes full advantage of dual-core and quad-core computers. 
  • Rip Audio CDs: Convert sound recorded on Audio CDs to digital files. 
  • CD Track Information: Get CD information online automatically. 

Version 2.7

  • Conversion of 3GP files: Convert Third Generation Platform video files recorded by your 3GP supported mobile phones to various output formats. 
  • Support for Radio Station DVR-MS format: Internet radio recordings that are in Audio only DVR-MS format fail to play on many media players.  They can now be converted to compatible formats using Digital Media Converter. 
  • Enhanced QuickTime conversion: QuickTime conversion now is faster than ever before.  You can convert larger files in half the time as in any previous versions. 
  • Encode Video for Portable Device: Create WMV files using Digital Media Converter that can be played on Pocket PCs, Portable Media Centre Devices and Smartphones. 

Version 2.6

  • Audio Frequency in AVI Settings: This new version of Digital Media Converter allows you to change the audio frequency settings, when converting to AVI format. 
  • Video Resize Mode: This new feature enables you to retain the aspect ratio of the source video when video conversion involves a change in the width and height of the video. 
  • Retaining ID3 Tags: Digital Media Converter now preserves any metadata tagged to your source file when encoding to Windows Media Format and MP3.  Details like author, title, album, artist, album title, year, genre, description, composer, rating, lyrics, track number, picture information if present in your source file are retained in the converted file. 
  • Enhanced Auto Split feature: Split a file to fit on a 650 MB standard VCD, 4.7 GB DVD (Single Layer), and 8.5 GB DVD (Dual Layer). 
  • Prioritize your files for conversion: Re-arrange and prioritize your files in the conversion list by a simple drag-drop method. 
  • Improve audio volume: The enhanced Effects Tool will allow you to increase the volume of the converted file up to 400% of the file's originally authored volume. 
  • Encode your music to MP3: Convert your audio to MP3; the most popular media format for music playback on your computer and portable media players like iPod. 
  • Support for iPod MPEG-4 format: Convert any supported media format to iPod compatible video (MPEG-4). 
  • Support for VOB files having chapters: Convert VOB files that were recorded in a chapter sequence, join the chapters, and encode to the format selected. 
  • MPEG-4 Conversion: Convert your MPEG-4 clips, both video (MP4) and audio (M4A) to your desired format. 
  • Support for Sony-PSP MP4 format: Convert any supported media format to Sony-PSP MP4 format and transfer the MP4 video to your PSP device. 
  • Display Aspect Ratio in DVD Video: Create DVD video for Normal TV, HDTV and Cinemascope Movie. 

Version 2.5

  • Applying effects to files: Personalize your videos and improve the quality with various effects such as color balance and image transform effects in one single step. 
  • Enhanced Splitting Tool: Split source files manually or automatically and preview the files frame-wise to get accurate splits. 

Version 2.4

  • Support for DV-AVI format: Convert your media files to DV-AVI (NTSC and PAL) and easily export them to a Digital Camera connected to your PC. 
  • Configurable frame rate settings for AVI: To get better image quality post-conversion, specify the frame rate while converting to AVI.  The simplified user interface provides an option for retaining the source file frame rate along with the option to configure the frame rate to suit your requirements. 
  • Audio Frequency settings for Custom MPEG-1: Digital Media Converter now provides configurable Audio Frequency settings while converting to Custom MPEG-1 format. 
  • Specify output file name: You can rename the default destination file name before the conversion for easy accessibility. 

Version 2.3

  • Output to Quick Time Format: Save your files to Quick Time MOV format. 
  • DVR-MS File Support: Convert your TV shows recorded on Media Center PC's to any supported output format. 
  • Set Custom Dimension: Choose your own dimension for AVI and MOV videos that is most suitable to playback on your device. 
  • Convert WMF files to Portable Media Center Devices: High quality WMF media files can be converted to play back on Portable Media Center devices. 
  • Repair Media Files: The built-in repair utility detects and repairs problems in your media files. 
  • Search and Add Files: Search selected extension files on your PC folders and add them for conversion. 

Version 2.2

  • Automatic Shutdown: Automatically turn off your PC once the batch conversion is finished. 
  • Split Feature: The split feature allows you to take any media file and split it into separate parts. 

Version 2.1

  • Windows Media 9 Support: Convert to WMV and WMA format.  The profiles are categorized by distribution media for easy conversions. 
  • CD Ripping: Extract tracks from an Audio CD and convert them to any desired format. 
  • Drag and Drop Feature: Media Files can be dragged from the explorer and dropped into the conversion list. 
  • Quick Time Support: Convert Quick Time Movie files to any format supported by Digital Media Converter. 

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